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Troubleshooting Guide

I cannot find the App in the App store.

Links to download the app can be found on our web page. Make sure you are viewing the page in a browser on your mobile phone.

On the first “Welcome” screen, the “Next” button is greyed out and I cannot advance. 

Please check the check box indicating that you have read and approve the End User License Agreement.

The DORS app is giving me an error that DORS is not available in my region.

In general, DORS is available throughout Alberta, with support in specific communities where 911 dispatch services are available. The App will check your location, and If you are not in Alberta, or you are in a region where DORS is not currently offered, it will not let you proceed.

I did not grant the App access to my location, and the App is stuck on a page telling me I need to enable location services. 

For iPhones, enable location services for DORS by going to Settings, scroll down to “DORS”, and beside “Location” select “While Using the App”. For Android phones, go to Settings, Location, App Permissions, scroll down the “DORS”, and select “Allow only while using the app”.

I entered my phone number, but I did not receive a confirmation text message with the code.

Select “Back” to go back and check your phone number. Enter “Confirm” again.

When I try to register my phone number, I received an error message that the maximum number of text messages has been sent.

Select “Back” to the phone number screen and try again in a minute or two.  Sometimes the system gets busy with user registrations.

On the home screen, I press “Start” to start a timer, and the app tells me to confirm location before starting a monitoring session.

The first time you use the App, it will tell you to “Please enter location and access instructions”. You do so by pressing “Location”, and entering your address, and then “Access Instructions” and entering any information that an ambulance attendant would need to find you in an emergency. This information will be stored, and you should not be asked to enter it again. When you start a timer, you will be asked to confirm this information, and you can change it if necessary.

I made a mistake when I entered my address or access instructions. How do I change it?

In the current address or access instructions edit screen, you can delete previous entries by swiping left on the entry and pressing the Trash Can symbol.

When I try to start a session timer, on the volume screen the “Start Timer” button is greyed out.

Ensure your volume is turned all the way up. The screen animation should tell you when it us at max volume, and the “Start Timer” button should become available.

I started a countdown timer, and the “Extend” button is greyed out.

DORS does not let you extend the timer for the first 30s. The biggest risk of overdose occurs in the first minute, so we do not let you extend to a longer timer for the first 30s. After the timer counts down to 30s, and the alarm sound starts, you can extend the timer in one minute increments up to a maximum of five minutes.

I have extended the timer multiple times, and the app is telling me that I have reached the maximum session time of 15 minutes. Why am I seeing this?

A DORS session can be extended to up to 15 minutes. Once the timer has been extended 15 times, you will see a message that once the countdown timer reaches zero, no alarm will be raised. If you still need emergency help, please press the “Emergency” button.

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